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12th Architecture Internacional Biennial Venice .

Argentine exhibition

Meeting places Urbanism Public competitions : 1983 (the return to democracy) - 2010

proyect: plaza de mayo competition

Curator: Arch. Daniel Silberfaden

Curadores Delegados: Arch.Roberto Busnelli, Hernán Bisman, Arch.Darío López

Concepto de montaje: Augusto Zanella

graphic design: Albano Garcia


On Friday August 27th was open the 12th International Architecture Biennale of Venice. The Argentina exhibition was in charge of the Central Society of Architects.

The Argentina exhibit consists of a mosaic of ideas that show the current status of the profession in our country. The selected projects give a wide range of urban works, landscape and architectural ideas, in some cases focusing on creativity and experimentation as a precise and empirical response to the needs of society, both in its response to the deficiencies more direct answers as to imagine the architects for the future. In all cases, these works bear witness to your site and creating a meeting place: the architecture as a catalyst and as an agora of the community. The projects are displayed on digital photo frames as part of an installation.